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Welcome to VOMBO's Best of the Destination Imagination Lists.

This site is an archive of the best ideas, humor, instant challenges, advice and creativity from the DINI mailing list on yahoo groups. Over the last three years the DI List has become the glue that holds a great deal of the Destination Imagination community together. All of the material here originated from messages between members of that list OUR challenge was to edit one of the greatest unending conversations on creative problem solving ever written. We thank you - the contributors - and challenge YOU to continue to provide the excellent resources that can be found here on this web site!

The original idea for this site started some years ago as VOMBO friends conversed on line about how wonderful it would be to have all the tips and ideas pouring into the lists in a more convenient and searchable form. They dreamed of how time could be saved by having this organized in some fashion- so that new Team Managers and volunteers could find answers or inspiration quickly without having to read the sometimes overwhelming volume of mail that arrives. This idea would have remained just a dream but for the VOMBO Governing Board. The VGB stepped in and assumed responsibility for the task. They organized a standing committee to do the work, and quickly received many volunteers - eager to see this resource created. The pages were eventually built by Nathan Woodhull, volunteer and college student, using the PHP scripting engine and MySQL database, but it took hundreds of hours of reading and editing by many volunteers to make this a reality! At the time of our launch, the dini list group has messages on file in excess of 20,000 and our volunteers have sorted more than half of them! It is obvious that the biggest thanks must go to the people who WROTE the tips and offered the support to begin with- but without a constant supply of volunteers to organize, read and edit- this web site would never have become a reality.

Original "Bestdilist Committee" members were Chris Groberg / Sam Wilson Co-Chairpersons, Peggy Perdue, James Gruetzner, Jim Wooley, Mark Woodworth, Craig Richardson, Kelli Brouillet, Pat Borchert, Ernie Chang, Shelli Minton, Claudia Tuori, Karen Walker, and Kathleen Stoddart.

2001-2002 Committee Members are Chris Groberg / Tina Harvey Co-Chairpersons, Sam Wilson Former Co-Chair and Advisor, Nathan Woodhull Web Master/Tech Support, Lynn Macey / Roger Walker Web Consultants, Heather Geiger, Alice McCaffrey, Betsy Palmer, Linda Dutka, Rob Seamons, Lindsay D'Angelo, Ro Jordan, Steve Schaffer, and Gioia Frank.

We hope you enjoy this site and use it often! Please remember to check back frequently, as new tips will be added as often as possible. Just click on "Categories"; in the column to the left and a menu with 20 possible search areas will be highlighted. Click on the one you want or use the search box- and just start reading!

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