Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of the VOMBO Classifieds?
A: Since policy prohibits advertising and promotional messages on VOMBO and DINI, VOMBO Classifieds was created to give our VOMBO members a place to offer their fundraising items to interested list members!

Q: Who can place an ad on the VOMBO Classifieds?
A: Any VOMBO member who is a Destination ImagiNation® Affiliate Director, Regional Director, Coordinator, or other Volunteer wishing to promote a Regional or Affiliate DI fund raising item may submit an ad for publication on the VOMBO DI Classifieds. Additional ads (e.g. individuals, teams, schools) will not be accepted.

Q: What can be advertised on this site?
A: All advertising is strictly restricted to the sale of fund raising items by Destination ImagiNation® Affiliate Directors, Regional Directors, Coordinators, or other Volunteers. In addition, sales and profits from items advertised must directly benefit Destination ImagiNation® Regions and/or Affiliates.

Q: How long will the ad run?
A: All ads will be removed after 30 days, at which time, the advertiser may submit a request for an additional 30 day extension.

Q: Can my ad feature a picture or photo of my item?
A: Yes. One graphic per item is permitted. Exceptions will be made if necessary (e.g. to show the front and back of the item.) The size of the graphic will be limited to 175 pixels X 175 pixels.

Q: How do I place an ad on the VOMBO DI Classifieds?
A: Each VOMBO Classified ad needs to be submitted with the following:
1) contact information for publication;
2) complete, edited copy, including price and all shipping/mailing costs;
3) photos/pictures are accepted but will be limited to one 175 X 175 pixel graphic per advertised item;
4) your Destination ImagiNation® Affiliate;
5) your Destination ImagiNation® Region, if applicable.
While not required, it would be helpful to include your VOMBO membership email. (The address to which delivers your mail)

The above information should be submitted to for review by the VOMBO Classifieds Committee.

VOMBO and the VOMBO Governing Board retain the right to refuse any advertisement submitted for publication, or publication extension, to the VOMBO DI Classifieds site. To maintain the integrity of this service, links to off-site webs and/or list groups will not be published.

Q: I am not a member of VOMBO. Can I join?
A: All Destination ImagiNation® Directors, Coordinators, Managers, Parents, Team Members, and any DI Volunteers are invited to join the Destination ImagiNation® "playground" and official online booster organization. It is as easy as sending an email! Find out more!

Q: How long will it take before my ad is on the web site?
A: The VOMBO Classifieds Committee will review and publish accepted ads within ten days of submittal.

Q: May I announce the publication of my ad on any of the VOMBO sponsored lists?
A: No. This site was created to keep promotional messages off the VOMBO and DINI lists. A tag line will be added to the lists to link interested members directly to the Classifieds site!


The VOMBO list is used to conduct business, make announcements to the group and, in general, have fun! Activity tends to be highly variable and, during the off season, days may pass without any messages. The busiest time is during the two months prior to Global finals. This is sometimes referred to as 'silly season' for reasons that become self explanatory.

To be a member of VOMBO you must subscribe to the VOMBO mailing list and adhere to the bylaws of the organization. To have yourself added to the mailing list, send your request to Please include your name, e-mail address, the Affiliate in which you volunteer, and a brief description of your activities in Creative Problem Solving. Please put "VOMBO" somewhere in the subject line of your message.

Please note that you need to follow the above procedure to join VOMBO. Simply sending in a subscription request to the list will be ignored.

Donate to VOMBO

While a goal of VOMBO is to encourage participants to have fun, the organization also supports and promotes other activities. Some of these are:

  • The annual VOMBO scholarship awards (almost $10,000.00 in addition to a full four-year scholarship were awarded in 2003!)
  • The RBDTT (Really Big Duct Tape Thing)
  • The Team Manager and Officials competition
  • These web pages
  • The external advertising free environment of the primary discussion lists (VOMBO and DINI) at Yahoo!Groups

    The bulk of the funds are generated by pin sales prior to Global Finals and we direct that for scholarships. The bylaws permit the organization to collect a membership fee but, the VGB has not voted to implement it for several reasons. There are, however, expenses that the board would appreciate some undirected contributions to help cover them. Our current obligations are about $40.00 month. Of course, the more we have, the more we can undertake!

VOMBO, through its association with Destination ImagiNation®, is a non-profit 501C3 organization. Please send checks/money orders payable to "VOMBO" to:

Victor Tom
VOMBO Treasurer
17 Ledgewood Dr
Bedford, MA 01730

Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Applications will be available soon! Questions? Please Contact the Scholarship Committee Chairs


Advertising is strictly restricted to Destination ImagiNation® Volunteers.
Sales and profits from items advertised must directly benefit Destination ImagiNation® Regions and/or Affiliates.