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The origins for VOMBO exist in just about every adult who has ever been associated with a Creative Problem Solving program.

The program is about creativity and kids and the wonderful things that happen when those two things come together with a little Duct tape and cardboard.

There probably isn't a team manager, or an appraiser, who hasn't said to themselves at least once, "this would really be a fun problem to solve." More than one team manager has sent the kids on their way after practice and then played with the clay and spaghetti or with the straws on their own.

It was during an adult creative problem solving competition that VOMBO was formed in 1996 with the following mission:

  • to promote the idea that Internet communications related to
    creativity and teamwork competitions for children will be a global
    playground and information resource for the global community,
  • providing a safe place where creative problem solvers of all ages can try out ideas, concepts, and thoughts without fear of ridicule.
  • Where through open communications and shared knowledge the entire world can be part of the team in which the end goal is to make the world a better place in which to live.
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