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Q. Who is eligible for VOMBO Scholarships?

A. Destination ImagiNation® has roots that are more than 25 years deep in creative problem solving, with a vision to grow the organization beyond the 47 U.S. States, 15 countries and Canadian provinces where the program is now active. 

For 18 years, the leadership team behind Destination ImagiNation® worked as the OM Association, Inc., a federally registered nonprofit organization that provided creativity programming for school age children. The organization developed an international program that eventually served more than one million children around the world.

In 1999, Destination ImagiNation® was founded-  a new organization that would be devoted to the charitable task of providing creativity programming for children internationally. Volunteer and professional leadership for Destination ImagiNation ® includes many of the talented and dedicated people, who pioneered creative problem solving for 18 years as OM Association, Inc.

Applicants should be either graduating from high school or currently in a post secondary educational program. They must have participated in Destination ImagiNation (or one of the other creative problem solving programs that OM Association Inc has sponsored)as a team member or as a volunteer to be eligible to apply for a VOMBO Scholarship.

Remember that as long as you remain active -or become active- in Destination Imagination, and are continuing your education at the post secondary levels, you are encouraged to apply for a VOMBO scholarship. Read our applications, online or in document form, and you should see the importance we assign to continued participation in whatever form it may take.

Q. Why are there no award amounts listed?

A. We do not publish a standard individual award amount, which provides us with the flexibility to award larger amounts for exceptional entries and reduced amounts for honorable mentions. The past few years' award amounts and recipients are available, though, at Please take the time to visit that site and see if you recognize some of our previous outstanding awardees! Some of them may be working in your Regions or Affiliate now as Challenge Masters, Team Managers or just about anywhere else an experienced hand is needed!  

Q. Why is the limit on the home page of the Internet Content set at 35K?

A. Under ideal conditions (a good phone line without noise), a 28.8 modem will take 16 to 18 seconds to download that amount of information. Many folks are still working under less than ideal dial-up conditions and we would want your solution to be available to the entire DI community!

Q. Why is the Essay limited to 1000 words?

A. We are anticipating a large number of applicants and we wish to give each application a fair appraisal. Our scholarship committee is composed of 100% volunteers, and we need to respect their time commitment by giving them a reasonable amount to review.

Q. Why am I required to provide an "electronic" format for the Essay and/or Presentation ?

A. The all volunteer Reviewing Committee is composed of members from all across the USA. We cannot  meet "face to face" so we do all our work via the internet. Therefore we need a format that all can review in their own homes. Providing us with a Word document or pdf version of your entry helps us to do that.

Q. I'm not quite sure what the Essay, Presentation and Internet Challenges need to be about. Can you help me?

A. You really need to decide this for yourself! But, here are a few tips:

The essay is meant to be open ended although it needs to cover the following topic:

"Applicant will create a ‘creative essay' highlighting one asset or attribute about himself that was gained or enhanced through participation in Destination ImagiNation® programs."

Remember that we need an electronically viewable copy of your "essay".

As far as the Presentation,

" Applicant will provide a Presentation that can be viewed electronically that has value to some aspect of Destination ImagiNation Program enhancement. Some examples of this could be Presentations for Team Manager training, Appraiser training and DI Program Introduction, but are not limited to those areas. The choice of tools is the choice of the Applicant and can include tools and systems developed by the Applicant  Please advise the Committee of any tools or parts of the Presentation that were Applicant developed.  Presentation should be under 10,000KB." 

And the Internet Content,

"a. Applicants must submit content in a form distributable via the Internet (i.e. free of intellectual property infringements and viewable with a standard browser).  We will point to it from the URL you specify
or you can push it via email to <> [please provide a directory, e.g. zip it].
All files and links are case sensitive.  We suggest using all lower case when naming your files and do not use spaces (Use underline characters _ instead).

The content must relate to the VOMBO charter (See the 2005-2006 VOMBO Scholarship Announcement). (Please see notes about hosting provisions on our home page.)"

"The Charter of the VOMBO:

The purpose of VOMBO is three fold:

First, to promote the idea that Internet communications related to creativity and teamwork competitions for children will be a global playground and information resource for the global community, providing a safe place where creative problem solvers of all ages can try out ideas, concepts and thoughts without fear of ridicule. Where through open communications and shared knowledge, the entire world can be part of the "team" in which the end goal is " make the world a better place in which to live."

Second, to act as a scholarship arm of Destination ImagiNation raising money to assist participants, or officials, in furthering their education.

Third, to promote Destination ImagiNation, taking on such tasks as mutually developed from time to time."

As you can see, the Internet Challenge is probably the most open ended -- even though the first and third are the most applicable to the Challenge, I can even see the second part as an interesting Challenge as well!

Q.  Can you provide examples of essays, presentations, and internet content from previous years?

We choose not to provide examples of solutions to any of the scholarship challenges for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that following an example just takes you to the same place.  As advocates of Creative Problem Solving, we prefer to let your imagination take you to new places!

Q. What do you mean when you say “a presentation that has value to the Destination ImagiNation® program”?

A presentation is a way of conveying information to an audience through visual means.  In this case, the "visual means" must be something that can be viewed via a computer since we can't all be in the same room.

In order for the presentation to have "value to some aspect of the Destination ImagiNation program", it should convey information important to someone involved in the program.  The challenge gave 3 examples of possible audiences for this information (team managers, appraisers, and participants), but you are certainly not limited to those. 

So, decide what about creative problem solving in general or Destination ImagiNation® in particular, is important for someone to know & go from there!

Q. I still have a question that wasn't answered here. Who can I ask?

A. Send any questions to and we will do our best to give you a timely answer!

Wishing you all great creativity and success, Chris Groberg and Nancy Kornegay, VOMBO Scholarship Committee Chairs.

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