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VOMBO, the official booster club of DI, has been gratified to watch our scholarship program continue to flourish since its inception in 2000. This year, thanks to the outstanding generosity and support of our Destination Imagination community- the pool of money available for the scholarships will again be $10,000. We do not publish a standard individual award amount, which provides us with the flexibility to award larger amounts for exceptional entries and reduced amounts for honorable mentions. The 2006 Award Recipients were announced in May at Global Finals. A complete list of awardees can be found by clicking here.

As long as you are active in Destination Imagination, and continuing your education at the post secondary levels, you can apply. There is no age limitation. You must have participated in at least one of the creative problem solving programs that OM Association, Inc. has sponsored, however. Hopefully when you have read our applications, online or in document form, you will see the importance we assign to that participation. You should also note that GPA, grades or class rank are not required...we do not score those. For the VOMBO Scholarship search, it is the applicant's CREATIVITY and involvement that are deemed most important. We want to see you use your creativity and divergent thinking! This is not your average scholarship search because the Destination ImagiNation community doesn't have a traditional or "average" applicant pool ! The most weight in our scoring is applied to the creativity of the solution to our challenges, and the past and continued involvement of the applicant.

This year we once again offer three Challenges to our Destination ImagiNation Scholars throughout the World! We will accept Online Applications, in addition to the traditional print and mail format this year. The deadline to submit materials will be February 1, 2007.  

Before completing any of the Online Forms, please take the time to read our list of  Frequently Asked Questions!

Click here for the detailed instructions for all our 2007 Challenges, Internet, Essay and Presentation!

Click here for a recap of all the 2007 Links to Scholarship Materials and Information!

VOMBO Scholarship Co-Chairs:
Chris Groberg ldrunnrmom@aol.com

Nancy Kornegay nancy.kornegay@stjude.org

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