VOMBO Scholarships

In 1999, VOMBO was entrusted to be the official scholarship organization for Destination ImagiNation®. Since that time, with the support of hundreds of dedicated DI™ volunteers, VOMBO© sold thousands of pins, tee-shirts and one-of-a-kind penguin memorabilia to provide Destination ImagiNation® students with thousands of dollars in scholarship awards.

In 2007, VOMBO was retired as the official "booster club" for Destination ImagiNation, and Charter Members of the Governing Board were honored at Global Finals by DISC, the newly formed Destination ImagiNation Support Committee, who will have the challenge of maintaining the VOMBO Scholarship legacy.

If you are here looking for VOMBO Scholarships, those are now DISC Scholarships and the 2007-2008 materials can be found at http://www.idodi.org/disc/scholarship/index.htm

Thanks to all the wonderful Destination ImagiNation® supporters who made the the VOMBO scholarship program a reality! We hope you will continue to make the world a better place...

Before there could be a DISC...there was a " VOMBO", the first-ever booster organization for Destination ImagiNation.
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