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This is what started it all. Each year the international organization publishes a special problem for the
Coaches and Officials to solve. Typically, this problem is technical in nature and encourages individual
competitors rather than a team effort. As you will see when you read the problem, this was not a
problem that could be solved by the efforts of an individual. And that is where VOMBO began.

The 1996 Coaches and Officials Problem

As the team worked on a solution, several things were generated as part of the campaign and to
support the long term solution. Since the goal was to generate votes, the team decided that people
who visited a VOMBO web page were probably supporters. Since it would be difficult to determine
if someone was, or was not a supporter, they were all counted. The team figured that they could be
sorted out later, if necessary. Links to the web page were placed on several web pages where the
team had connections.

The Web Page

After a good deal of lobbying, the script committee met at Lynn's house. This was Doug and Lynn.
This was notable as the only face to face meeting of VOMBOSians, at least those that don't share the
same address, prior to the group coming together in Iowa.

The Script

What is an CPS team without a T-shirt? Every CPS team needs a T-shirt and the VOMBO team is no exception.

The T-Shirt

Likewise, CPS teams have pins and give, or exchange, them where ever they go. Team VOMBO created their own pin.

The Pin

The VOMBO Salute was created so that VOMBOsians could identify each other. Since they wanted to spread the word, it wasn't really a "secret handshake".

The Salute

The team generated a series of buttons to spread the news about VOMBO. These were another of the graphics triumphs of Barbara Parris. The raw materials and two button makers arrived in Ames and the boring time in meetings was passed by assembling button after button. The button assemblers included Karen Anderson, Steve Shearer and Jimmie Jones.

The Buttons

The Fanfare was written by Lauren Urban but, like several of the creations for that performance, never presented.

You can enjoy hearing it here.

Play the Fanfare

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Lynn Macey
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